And the winner of TriStar55.5 Lyon is...


... Antony Landreau!

He won in 2:12:24.

Behind him, Yannick Henry came second in 2:16:47 and Greg Vinot finished in 2:17:29.

The first woman is Agnes Laratta in 2:47:46.

Congratulations to you!

Juliette Benedicto wins the first TriStar111 Lyon!


Juliette Benedicto was imperial today and won the first TriStar111 Lyon in 4:58:20! She is 11th in the scratch ranking, amazing!

Lisa Stucki came second in 5:14:05 and Christine Hemphill is third in 5:15:32.

Sylvain Sudrie crossing the finishline of TriStar111 Lyon



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Sylvain Sudrie wins TriStar111 Lyon!


After a fantastic run, Sylvain Sudrie just won the first TriStar111 Lyon in 4:16:30.

Romain Guillaume finished second in 4:17:20 and Nicolas Fernandez finished third in 4:26:00.

After 5km in the run...


Sylvain Sudrie is leading and Romain Guillaume is 200m behind. What a suspens!

T2: Sudrie and Guillaume for the victory


After the second transition, only Sylvain Sudrie and Romain Guillaume can get the victory. Nicolas Fernandez is third 6min behind.

TriStar55.5 about to begin!


TriStar55.5 Lyon just starts with 230 athletes while 50 athletes of the 111 are on the second lap of the bike.

Interview with F.Chabaud and S.Sudrie


The French athletes François Chabaud and Sylvain Sudrie are leading the race here in Lyon. Find below the interview of these two great triathletes during the Saturday Bike Check-In


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After 50km on the bike...


After 50km, The World Champion Sylvain Sudrie is leading with François Chabaud and Romain Guillaume. Nicolas Fernandez is fourth 1min50 behind the lead.

The first woman is still Juliette Benedicto, at 15min from the lead. The second woman Coralie Lemaire is 6min behind Benedicto and the third woman, Christine Hemphill is at 8min.

Ranking after 15km on the bike


After 15km on the bike, R.Guillaume, S.Sudrie, F.Chabaud, J.Coudert are leading. Nicolas Fernandez is 1min30 behind and TriStar Ambassador Joel Jameson is 4min30 behind the lead.

Juliette Benedicto is the first women since the beginning of the Race. Coralie Lemaire is second after 15km on the bike.

Last news: the participants will have to ride under the rain for the next hour.


Après 15km de course sur le parcours vélo, R.Guillaume, S.Sudrie, F.Chabaud, J.Coudert mènent la danse. Nicolas Fernandez pointe à 1min30 tandis que l'Ambassadeur TriStar Joel Jameson possède déjà 4min30 de retard.

Juliette Bénédicto mène la course féminine depuis la natation. Coralie Lemaire est désormais deuxième après 15km de vélo.

Information de dernière minute : les participants vont devoir affronter la pluie pour la prochaine heure de course.

the BIKE course


The Bike map:

And the corresponding profile:


Sudrie is leading at the swim exit


Sylvain Sudrie came out of the water in first position Romain Guillaume and Julien Coudert came 15 seconds after Sudrie.

Le Champion du Monde Longue Distance en titre Sylvain Sudrie est sorti de l'eau le premier, suivit de près par Romain Guillaume et Julien Coudert.

TriStar111 Lyon Swim Exit

TriStar111 Lyon Swim Start



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The race is on!


TriStar111 Swim Start

TriStar111 just started, and in about 10 minutes times you will be able to see the first rankings if you click on the LIVE TIMING tab. There are three options (all links on top of the page)

  • CURRENT RACE RESULTS - that's the leaderboard
  • RESULTS PER SPLIT - self explanatory
  • PERSONAL RESULTS - everything you need from your personal favourite

We hope you enjoy that we're providing the most recent and convenient system of displaying times on the internet in the world of triathlon - with TriStar you can filter and check the times YOU need. Yes, you can!

Good Morning - it's Race Day!


It's a great morning here in Lyon after a quiet night.

The bike park already opens for the 111 athletes, and they will pump their tyres, prepare the bikes and get ready for the race while wishing each other a good day.

We're looking forward to an exciting race with the impressive start list we'll have, and it will certainly be an exciting day, also here on Thanks for being here!


Sunday Program


Joel Jameson during his registration

Today is race day in Lyon. On the program:

6:00 – 8:00

Bike and bags check-in

6:30 – 7:00 Bike park open
(only TriStar111)

7:00 Athletes’ briefing
(Mandatory for TriStar111 Lyon athletes)
7:00 – 8:00 Shuttle from the bike park to the swim start
8:30 Start of TriStar111 Lyon
8:30 Start of TriStar111 Lyon Team Relay Challenge

10:00 Athletes’ briefing
(Mandatory for TriStar55.5 Lyon athletes)
11:00 Start of TriStar55.5 Lyon
11:00 Start of TriStar55.5 Lyon Team Relay Challenge

11:30 Finish line party (TriStar111)
14:00 – 17:00 Bike and Bags check-out
16:00 Closing of the Race
18:30 Awards Ceremony + Star&Mâchon Night

L'Embarcadère - 13 bis quai Rambau
9:00 – 18:00 Star&Co Village in Quai Jaÿr

Yes, You Can!

Let's meet the Check In volunteers



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The Check-In Team

Check In Volunteers

Interview with #509 Valérie Lavallée



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Happy Birthday Sébastien!


Today it's Sébastien COUHE's birthday! He races with #34 and turns 34 today! His motto: "Train hard to win easy".

Bon Anniversaire Sébastien!

Bike and bags check in commences


#5 in the bike park

The bike check in is about to start and we're looking forward to get some words and images from the athletes in the bike park. ;)

Saturday Program


Today was the first day packed with official program here in Lyon. The Star&Co opened it's doors and 50 athletes picked up their race packs and the welcome present - a backpack from zoot. The press conference were held, and all the TriStar team works on the last details of the very first TriStar in France!

Today it's the last day before TriStar Lyon. On the program:

  • Athlete registration from 9:00-13:00
  • Check in of bikes and bags from 13-18:00

Then most probably participants will try to hit the sack early, while the organisers will make sure everything is in place - it pretty much feels like it and all are looking forward to a great race day.

Here on you'll get more impressions from Lyon, an overview about the funniest race slogans of participants, a preview on the course, all accompanied by some images and short video clips. Hope you enjoy, and if you have feedback, click on the link in the top right corner! ;)

Yes, you can!

Quotes from the Press Conference


Press Conference at Lyon City Hall

Thierry Braillard, Deputy Mayor in charge of sports in Lyon
“For 10 years, I was dreaming about a triathlon in the city of Lyon. It’s a pleasure to finally have one. I trust Extra Sports and Star Production for this first TriStar in France, I am sure it will be a great success, thanks to support of the city of Lyon.”

Sylvain Sudrie
“I think that TriStar Format is very interesting and everyone can get into a TriStar Race. I hope I will have the same form as last week in the French Championship where I won the title”

François Chabaud
I hope I will have completely recovered from the Ironman France where I finished second. With this TriStar race, I think that Lyon finally has a triathlon that a city like this deserve to have.”

Adeline Rausis
“I am here in Lyon to progress in the 111 format and I will come back in 2012 with this experience to get closer of the win.”

Joel Jameson
"I just get married so the last two weeks was not focused on training but I will do my best on this race and try to stay as long as possible with François and Sylvain.”

Christine Hemphill
“I am looking forward to participate to my first TriStar on those unique distances and especially the 100 km bike which is my strength."

Preview on the Coverage


It's time to venture a look at the upcoming days and what will be happening here on

Today Friday...

...will be the first day of events here in Lyon, the Star&Co Village opens and athletes will be able to pick up their race packs from 9h00 - 18h00.

A Press Conference will be held with the PRO athletes at eleven in the Lyon City Hall, that's also where we'll try to catch up with them to get some pre-race impression.

On Saturday...

From 15-18h00, the bikes and bags check in will take place, while the Star&CO Village will be open from 9-18h00.

We'll try to follow through the day's events and keep you updated throughout Sunday.

On Sunday...

The races will start from 8h30 (111 individuals)... and we'll cover the race online. There will be:

  • TWEETS from the spotters with info on leaders
  • PHOTOS from our official photographer and from our mobile phones ;)
  • Some short video clips of some of the day's highlights.

Click here for the entire schedule of events at TriStar Lyon

Looking forward to having you here on, and thanks for your help spreading the message and the link to this website.

Yes, you can! ;)


Next Event: TriStar Lyon


The next TriStar race is TriStar Lyon on 17 April 2011.

Chabaud vs. Sudrie - Two great french champions for a great race!

Live Coverage will start on Friday with some light previews until Saturday, and then be live on Sunday.

Yes, you can!