Britta Martin wins the womens race


In very good 3:44:44 wins Britta Martin the second TriStar Worms-Germany.

1. Britta Martin 3:44:44

2. Beate Görtz 3:44:58

3. Debbie Verstraeten 3:45:59

4. Christine Liebendörfer 3:49:32

5. Alexandra Schaller 3:53:17

6. Dörte Siebke 3:53:50

7. Heike Priess 3:54:38

8. Inge Haude 3:54:54

9. Anna Kusch 3:55:27

10. Karin Burow 3:57:21



The top ten


1. Markus Fachbach 3:16:58

2. Johannes Moldan 3:18:28

3. Stefan Schmid 3:20:51

4. Alun Woodward 3:21:57

5. Paul Westwood 3:22:23

6. Jens Kaiser 3:22:42

7. Till Schramm 3:22:46

8. Marcus Ornellas 3:23:37

9. Maris Babris 3:23:58,26

10. Jürgen Stilgenbauer 3:32,77

Due to the wave start the results are only temporarily.

And the winner is


The second TriStar111 Worms-Germany is Markus Fachbach!

TriStar33.3 Worms-Germany


The first finisher of the day and winner of the TriStar33.3. Worms-Germany is Maik Flück from Switzerland. Then womens race was won by Anna-Lea Pohl, F18, in 1:19:27. Nicole Leder was second in 1:19:51.

3 k on the run -


and Markus Fachbach looks strong. It's very unlikely that they will catch him.

Markus Fachbach first in to 2 transition


Markus Fachbach is still leading the race after the bike course. 1:30 ahead of Johannes Moldan. Third is Alun Woodward.

1.Markus Fachbach 2:39:58

2. Johannes Moldan 2:41:22

3. Dirk Bullen 2:43:03

4. Alun Woodward 2:44:08

5. Henry Beck 2:44:29


Britta Martin is leading the womens field


Britta Martin went through at 60k with 2:00:53. Second is Debbie Verstraeten and third is Beate Görtz.

1. Britta Martin

2. Debbie Verstraeten 2:02:08

3. Beate Görtz 2:02:09

4.Stephanie Burger, 2:04:18

5. Heike Priess, 2:04:47

Markus Fachbach is leading


Markus Fachbach is leading the TriStar111 Worms-Germany at 60k on the bike leg. His time spilt is 1:44:29. He ist followed by Johannes Moldan with 1:45:38. Third is Henry Beck at 1:47:06. At 60k:

1. Markus Fachbach

2. Johannes Moldan

3. Henry Beck

4. Alun Woodward

5. Dirk Bullen

6. Marcus Ornellas

7. UIi Nieper

8. Paul Westwood

9. Jürgen Stilgenbauer

10. Til Schramm



The race is on


TriStar Worms-Germany started with 20 pros and the age-grouper had waves starts. There are some age-groupers like former pro-cyclist Udo Bölts who could mix up the field.

Great Start


TriStar Worms-Germany started at 8am with perfect weather conditions. 15 degrees celsius, blue sky and a calm wind. Almost 1.000 athletes are now on the course.

First pro out of the water was Alun Woodward at 12:07. Followed by Marcus Ornellas und Markus Fachbach. First female out of the water was age-grouper Silke Hamacher with 14:04. She was followed by Juli Bohn und Inga Haude.

TriStar By Night


Some night views of TriStar Worms-Germany.

Only 4 hours to go till race time!


Race Preparations


The Transition Area is filling up with the athletes bikes and gear.

You can really feel the tension raising before the race.

More impressions


Moving ahead....


Now online available! The Athletes Race Briefing


Click on Athletes Race Briefing to watch it on

Some Tips For The Registration Process


To avoid problems when picking up your start-documents, we have summarized the important facts for you.



Starters doubled


The registration is closed.

We have doubled the starters with 20 Pro athletes and 1,000 agegroupers from 21 nations competing in TriStar111 Worms-Germany and TriStar33.3 Worms-Germany distances.

We will see you all next weekend!