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This is a great weekend for the TriStar fans: two attractive events in two stunning spots in Europe and South America on October 14, perfect destination to finish the 2012 season!. Rio de Janeior will host the inaugural TriStar111 and TriStar55.5 in Brazil! with 800 registered athletes and 'sold out'. Meanwhile, also this Sunday the second edition of the TriStar Madrid will be held in the "Casa de Campo" in the, where 200 triathletes will have fun over 33.3 or 111 kilometers: 1km swimming, 100km cycling and 10km running. Shorter swim and run distances enable shortened recovery times, giving athletes the possibility to participate in more races than before. More TriStar, more fun.

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TriStar Madrid

The second TriStar Madrid will take place on 14. October 2012 in the unique scenario of “Casa de Campo”, in the same place as ITU World Series. Casa de Campo is a perfect place for triathlon very close to the city center and accepting all infrastructures to group all set up in the same area, benefiting spectators to follow the race easily from start to finish. Amongst the 200 athletes already signed up, some professional athletes will start the competition at the Lake, such as Danish PRO Morten Top Truelsen, Swedish Andreas Linden – former PRO cyclist, Spanish Álvaro Velázquez (second runner up in the 2011 edition in Madrid)…. The female field also contains some top Spanish long distance athletes. Saleta Castro will try to beat Esther Leal, who won last year the inaugural edition of TriStar111 Madrid.

TriStar Rio
The first edition of TriStar Rio (October 14) will have a strong PRO field with the presence of many great triathletes, among others Marcus Ornellas, the official TriStar Ambassador for Brazil, Carla Moreno the eight-time "Trofeu Brazil" winner or Santiago Ancençowho was second at Ironman Brazil 2012. These and several other professional athletes will be lined up at the famous Flamengo Beach. PRO Prize Purse in the amount of R$20,000 will be distributed among the winners of this race. The event is almost sold out: 800 athletes have already signed up!.